Rogue Data Corporation is more than a software development company. We design, develop and deploy solutions that automate business processes. Our offerings deliver process improvement and cost savings across several industries; solutions readily adapted to your unique industry operational requirements, standards and rules. Our clients use our software and services framework to manage:

  • Police Check requests and results that link with national RCMP through internal police systems on behalf of police services
  • Income support, addictions and social assistance for territorial government
  • Customs clearance, logistics, inventory, warehousing, procurement and supply chain workflow systems for Canadian Border Services, Transportation Companies and Brokers
  • Financial systems that include GL and the ability to integrate with your existing investment in financial systems including entries management, GL and FMS integration for government
  • Payment, electronic funds transfer and E-Commerce for both government and the private sector
  • Occupational health and safety for business
  • E-health and healthcare supply chain for health and home care service providers