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Rogue Data Corporation is more than a software development company. We design, develop and deploy solutions that automate business processes. Our offerings deliver process improvement and cost savings across in several industries; solutions readily adapted to your unique industry operational requirements, standards and rules. Our clients use our software and services framework to manage:

  • Police Check requests and results that link with national RCMP through internal police systems on behalf of police services
  • Income support, addictions and social assistance for territorial government
  • Customs clearance, logistics, inventory, warehousing, procurement and supply chain workflow systems for Canadian Border Services, Transportation Companies and Brokers
  • Financial systems that include GL and the ability to integrate with your existing investment in financial systems including entries management, GL and FMS integration for government
  • Payment, electronic funds transfer and E-Commerce for both government and the private sector
  • Occupational health and safety for business
  • E-health and healthcare supply chain for health and home care service providers
Our philosophy is based on a recognition that traditional approaches to optimizing business processes automation tend to be risky, complex and time consuming. There is often high failure rate among our competitors because it is difficult to isolate (and remove) inefficiencies, then come up with cost-effectives ways to streamline work. RDC solutions represent a alternative. We see design collaboration and workflow optimization couple with our unique software development approach as the key differentiator to helping our clients – within your budget and available resources.