Case Studies

    • Contract Awarded in July 1998.
    • Designed and implemented a series of high availability messaging components for the Customs Electronic Commerce Platform (CECP)
    • In continuous use since deployment in 1999
    • RDC software is core to validation and routing of over $1 billion in commercial customs declarations and releases daily
    • Supports over 125 ANSI X12, EDIFACT and CADEX messaging types with over 6000 global trading partners
    • Production November 1998 – In continuous high availability operation 24/7 for the better part of the last 20 years
    • 800,000 messages processed daily
    • Most recent upgrade in 2017 to increase the throughput to 120,000 transactions per hour.
    • Supported by CBSA staff, RDC providing fixes, updates and second level support
    • Integration using IBM MQ Series and IBM DB2
    • Number of users is confidential
    • Contract was awarded in October 2015
    • Over 120,000 police checks processed to date within the National Capital Region
    • Phase 1 August 2016 – Backlog and in-person PRC and PRC-VS requests
    • Phase 2 May 2017 – End-to-end electronic LEARN Level 1 – CRC, Level 2 – CRJM and Level 3 – VSC
    • Design and implemented an integrated end-to-end background check system for the Ottawa Police Service
    • System provides a single view of Local, CPIC and PIP events from which all background check activities can be conducted
    • Currently used by 22 employees
    • Contracted in 2006 and launched in January 2008
    • Design and implemented Income Support Delivery and Senior Citizen Supplemental Benefit systems for the territory of Nunavut
    • The system is used to deliver jurisdiction-wide Income Assistance to all Nunavut recipients, managing over $30 million in annual expenditures
    • Central server hosted by RDC within its tier 3 co-located data centre in Ottawa
    • Central server is accessed from remote Arctic 26 communities using RDC Workbench, servicing over 15,000 clients
    • Access and communication is secured using PKI
    • Cheques are printed in each community office with some payments are consolidated and paid directly to the service providers (Rent and Electricity)
    • Provided as a SAAS and supported by RDC staff with assistance from GN local staff throughout the territory
    • The system integrates with Senior Citizen Supplemental Benefits (PWGSC) and with National Child Benefit Supplements (CRA), converting and exchanging data with Federal systems
    • Communication using Entrust PKI
    • Currently used by 60+ employees