When we design systems, we analyze workflow - we imagine ourselves doing your job, creating solutions that minimize tedious data collection and decisions for front line workers, providing your team with systems that collect the data as your clients' needs are met. For executives and decision makers, review performance using our reporting capabilities or your current analytic tools.
Whether you need to implement a turn-key system, or simply evaluate the appropriateness of existing investments, we can help you define process improvement and next steps. We do not approach your needs from a technology perspective. Rather, we provide you with strategic analysis and insights that meet your needs.
Our philosophy is based on a recognition that traditional approaches to optimizing business processes automation tend to be risky, complex and time consuming. There is often high failure rate among our competitors because it is difficult to isolate (and remove) inefficiencies, then come up with cost-effective ways to streamline work. RDC solutions represent an alternative - we see design collaboration and workflow optimization coupled with our unique software development approach as the key differentiation to helping our clients, within your budget and available resources.

Automate Workflow and Service Delivery

  • We work with you to understanding how your processes work and how technology can improve them
  • We apply our extensive experience to help you to translate your needs into effective systems
  • Your solution is based on your unique requirements
  • In addition to a fully tested solution, we will support your transition to your new system

Our Approach

We automate workflow and systems by:

  • Understanding how your processes work and how technology can improve them
  • How to translate your needs into effective systems
  • Implementing or managing systems for you based on your unique requirements