Police Checks

RDC has pioneered the development of an ‘Integrated Police Service Delivery’ or IPSD system. IPSD is a workflow solution for Police Services seeking to improve public services with secure information and systems. The solution includes an Online Web Portal for the public to create and submit police checks online; and, and Internal Administrative Portal for use by Police staff to process applications and disseminate results.

End-to-End Background Checks

The IPSD is an ‘end-to-end’ Online Police Check System for Canadian Police Services. Police clients are able to:

  • Members of the Public are able to request a police check online. RDC provides the interfaces or integrates with existing online application websites.
  • Import Online Police Check requests from the public. Police staff receive public application request information online (no data entry is required by staff)
  • Process ‘in-person’ requests with ease. Police organizations are able to scan ID’s and integrate in-person requests with online ones as needed.
  • Support Electronic Identity Verification. RDC will integrate with the Police Agency’s EIV vendor of choice (e.g. Equifax)
    Real-time Records Management System or CPIC Queries.
  • Obtain integrated, prioritized queries and results – RDC is fully integrated with Versadex, North America’s leading Police RMS provider.
  • Prioritize Results Allocation. The system automatically sorts results so ‘no-hits’ can be processed without delay. ‘Hits’ can be set aside for action by investigating police representatives.
  • Customizable Workflow. Because each Police Service is different, the flow of information, services and forms can be tailored with ease.
  • LEARN Compliant for Ontario Police Services. Further to Bill 113, the system is fully LEARN compliant for all three types of police checks.
  • The RDC Police Check System for Police Services can be configured to support the unique rules, EIV, security and records management protocol for any police service. 
The RDC Police Service Software can be configured to support the unique service delivery rules for any police jurisdiction. Contact us for a turn-key demonstration of background check modules and services.