We develop your system using configurable RDC software modules. We achieve the reliability associated with “Commercial off the Shelf” (COTS) software, but with the custom feel and fit of a built-to order ERP solution. We provide our clients with highly scalable enterprise solutions. Our development platform is a unique set of software modules that deliver world-class systems in a fraction of the time normally associated with complex workflow systems. Tools include policy/procedural validation, electronic and printed forms management as well as fully integrated approvals that include digital signatures and delegation enforcement. Data cascades across processes and applications, assessments and approvals – minimizing the re-key of mission critical data and reducing dependence on external tracking systems or spread sheets.

Platform Features Include:

  • Unique ‘Electronic Business Agent’ (EBA) that style user interfaces, import/export routines, forms, print and data collection validation BASED on your workflow, industry standards and external system integration requirements
  • Dynamically generates solution code, forms, analytic report definitions and help files based on your policies and business rules
  • Workflow optimization around file management, roles, routing and approvals that makes your organization more effective at delivering mission critical services across the enterprise and directly to your clients
  • Lean and secure productivity management

Workbench Application-based User Interface for front-line staff

The Workbench is our unique user GUI that creates, actions, sends or receives electronic documents as defined by your program or service. Managers and frontline workers process documents (print, review, sign, etc.) and exchange them for approval. It is currently used to support customs import documents, requisitions, travel requests, police background checks, supply chain and other workflows… workflow for any vendor or industry, regardless of standard, can be managed concurrently through a single interface!

Enterprise Server Integration and Security Platform

The Rogue Server manages complex data conversion, validation and routing to and from external systems. This keeps the interfaces for users simple. All interactions are monitored, and if there are issues, the Enterprise server remotely manages any issues that may emerge in the course of day-to-day operations. It can be licensed for in-house operation or accessed via our hosted service offering. Beyond integration, our services and software include a full PKI capability… and we support AS2 to exchange secure information over the internet.

Web and Mobile Online Workflow

We complement your website with hosted forms and workflow tailored to your business requirements. Services include monitored Communication Services that interact with your existing systems.  We also provide PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) components to Cipher Requests for you and De-Cipher responses for clients. Further, you own your data which is permanently saved to your network and internal infrastructure. We also support interaction with mobile workflow that allow your clients to use cell phones and other devices.