E-Commerce Financials

We can offer your organization a unique financial system back end for the capture of entries and auto assignment of memo codes that reflect the precise status of a given entry within any dual entry accounting system. These can be loaded into your custom or commercial financial information system (FIS). In fact, we support a wide ranch of online E-Commerce integration between online shopping carts with back-end financial systems and third party online payment systems. We can transact with major Canadian banks. Our systems produce and track MICR compliant cheques for the creation and tracking of payments with banks and others. For example, get automated bank reconciliation, providing bi-directional EFT and other financial data exchange services (as we have done with the Royal Bank on behalf of the Government of Nunavut).

Support ANSI X12 and EDIFACT Standards

  • 820 Payment Order/Remittance Advice
  • 821 Financial Information Reporting
  • 822 Account Analysis
  • 824 Application Advice
  • 826 Tax Information Exchange
  • 827 Financial Return Notice
  • 829 Payment Cancellation Request
  • BANSTA Banking Status message
  • BOPBNK Bank transactions and portfolio transations
  • BOPCUS Balance of payment
  • BOPDIR Direct balance of payment
  • BOPINF Balance of customer payment information
In addition, RDC conducts a secure exchange of financial transactions and payments related to Senior Citizen Supplemental Benefits (SCSB) data exchange services with Public Works, as well as National Child Benefit Supplements (NCBS) with Revenue Canada. For the Government of Nunavut, RDC supports financial and risk management data collection related to claims and policy management and we are currently developing financial systems integration strategies.